How to Choose Leather Jacket

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The leather jacket is normally an expensive and not very versatile garment, since it fits well into casual wear but is practically useless in that business.

A leather jacket is still an excellent item to be included in the male wardrobe for a number of reasons that I listed in this video along with some tips to buy the ideal jacket or leather jacket.

Jackets and Leather Jacket: Most common models


It’s a dry jacket with a collar that hugs the neck and does not turn down, with a front zip that runs through it from top to bottom. The waist edge could also be slightly elastic.It does not present any details such as buckles or pockets for the pockets.Jackets of this type, of course, are not used only by motorcyclists but it is an urban style adopted by many men and women.How to Choose Leather Jacket

It’s simple and much more elegant than something with buckles and studs.The tight fit and slimline make this a good jacket for people of a slim and athletic build.Not suitable for men with a stomach that with this type jacket are very unattractive.

Field Jacket

A Field Jacket style leather jacket is similar to the fabric one. It has a soft collar that can be raised or lowered, has horizontal patch pockets with patellette and sometimes has some more details such as a belt or decorative military style straps.How to Choose Leather Jacket

Compared to the motorcycle jacket, this garment is much softer and wider. Field Jacket is very practical also in leather, a useful and perfect model for a casual style every day; moreover, it adapts very well to all the bigger men by masking the belly, coming down soft at the waist.


The bomber jacket is a type of jacket, originally created for aviators and later passed into the casual “civil” wardrobe.During the First World War, the bomber was made as a piece of clothing for the pilots as, many warplanes having the cockpit open, was a necessary head to keep warm and shelter from the wind.How to Choose Leather Jacket

He became a fashion designer at the turn of the seventies and eighties and later was adopted by various sub-cultures such as skinheads in the eighties, and hip-hop culture in the early 2000s.The model of the modern bomber has remained substantially unchanged over the years.The most common models have abundant lines and sleeves, elastic waist and wrists and zip fastening.

The thin guys can add a little ‘mass to their structure, with a bomber. For bigger men, on the other hand, it is always advisable to use a Field Jack model as a bomber with its mass, it tends to thicken even more. As a purely practical note, this jacket model, moreover, is a garment to be used exclusively in autumn and winter, for which it is much less versatile.


Classic cowboy jacket that is more straight and longer than the classic jacket. It widens slightly to the sides and falls far below the waist, to protect From the air, the point of junction between the shirt and the trousers, remaining however short enough to be able to assemble in the saddle easily.The collar is simple and can be pulled up to shelter from the wind, the cuffs and hem are simple without elastic.How to Choose Leather Jacket

The finest versions are in light leather, suede and are very chic. The most traditional versions are made of cow or bison leather.They are practical without frills and enhance men not so tall, visually lengthening the torso a bit.The prices of leather jackets can vary due to a number of factors. They affect the cost: the Brand, the type of leather, the workmanship and the origin. Even if at first glance the skin could seem, for the less expert eye, all the same, there are substantial differences between the various hides, which can affect the price

Type of Leather


Very common, very durable and smooth. Most of the leather jackets are made of this material. The quality can vary depending on the animal, from the origin, from which part of the animal is obtained and from the treatment immediately. This material is robust but the important thing is that it is not rigid.

Fallow deer:

A finer, lighter and softer and more flexible skin. The surface is soft with a light down. The jackets made of this leather are on different models, from the everyday jacket to the most fashionable jacket and are generally very expensive.

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The jackets in this leather have been in fashion for a while. It is lighter than cowhide. The goat jacket tends to form natural patterns on the surface, making each piece unique.


Soft and sometimes with fleece on the neck and in the sleeves to make it warmer. It is a light and soft skin more than other leathers and is often used in autumn and spring. These types of jacket need more care than the other types.


It is a thick, gritty and wrinkled skin and forms evident motifs. This type of jacket is very common, especially for protective clothing.


A leather jacket should last for many years, like a nice watch or a pair of shoes. For this reason, we should carefully weigh up the purchase.

Regardless of personal taste, the 3 main things to keep in mind are:

Model and classic colors

This jacket must age gracefully along with you, so the trends are the worst enemy of leather jackets. No studs, frizzes, and jokes. Choose a simple one. Black or brown depends on your style and the composition of your wardrobe. In general, the black leather jacket should be worn with black shoes and the brown leather jacket with brown shoes.

Spend as much as you can

Even a little more. It’s not a time to be stingy when you have to buy your leather jacket. Choose the best skin you can afford.

… And read well: the fake skin is out of the question.

Make sure it is the right fit

And when I say fit, I mean as for all the other garments, to accompany the body line and to be of the right length. If it is a jacket model remember that it must come to life or just below.

A leather jacket, even if it is an essentially casual garment, remains a cornerstone of the male wardrobe. Some advice to choose the right one.

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