6 ways to customise the way you wear your suit

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You want your suit to look smart but not necessarily stuffy. That’s why you need these top tips on individualising your look.

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Lapel decorations

A buttonhole is the most popular type of lapel decoration, but it won’t suit every occasion. An alternative could be a fabric floral pin in a bright colour, that will contrast with your jacket or complement your tie.

You could also choose a simple metal pin to add interest, without overpowering the impact of your suit. This is ideal for everyday wear and less formal occasions. Just remember to make sure that it matches with other metal in your outfit, such as your watch and belt.

Textured neckwear

A textured tie can instantly add personality. Choose fabrics to complement the rest of your outfit and the season. In spring or summer, consider lightweight fabrics such as knitted silks, chambray or linen, and then switch to rugged heritage fabrics in the colder months, such as cord, flannel, wool or tweed.

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Silk scarf style

Add a luxurious feel to your suit with a smart silk scarf. Choose green, red, white or black versions for evening events, teamed with a deep-coloured suit or a tuxedo, or go for vibrant prints or softer hues for daytime wear. Not sure how to wear it? Northamptonshire County Council runs a course entitled ‘Discover How To Wear Scarves Effectively’, as described at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-37873402.

Shirt shake up

Unless there are strict dress codes, think about shaking up your styling with a non-standard shirt, such as a more casual option from the range of mens Farah shirts, or a grandad collar in silk or cotton.

It is also possible to team shirts from the likes of http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah with slightly more adventurous ties or bolder prints, which can be perfect for shaking up workwear and suits for smart-casual occasions.

Collar bars

Collar bar shirts can work well whether you’re wearing a tie or not ,and can be perfect for toughening up your tux, without making you look like a fashion victim.

Step out

Your footwear can set you apart from the pack, although trainers teamed with a tux may sometimes be a step too far. Dress slippers can be a stylish alternative to traditional smart shoes, whether you go for plain black velvet or patterned silk Jimmy Choos.

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