My Cat Is Angry?

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Many dog lovers argue that cats prefer them because these are mysterious and you never know what to expect from them. However, to understand a cat is not so difficult. Read on to know how to tell if your cat is angry or not.

It is also true that even for those who have a cat is sometimes difficult to understand. For example, when it changes attitudes, especially when he’s angry, one of the most difficult attitudes to recognize in a feline.

In this article, we tell you all about the angry cats and how to know when they are.

Why do cats get angry?

Cats have a peaceful and quiet character. Normally they are not nervous, but I’m very sensitive.

A few days ago, visiting a friend, she told me that one of her cats loves his son. A few months ago, however, they brought home a puppy, a puppy found in the street. Being small, the boy has filled him with attention: he did enter his room, caressed him, slept with him, fed him …

A few hours later, Gary, the family cat, began to blow against the dog making him tremble. Later, he stopped watching his master and assumed a hurt.

At first, it seemed funny, but Gary did not understand that it was not. It was more and more aggressive with the poor little dog to the point be forced to give it to another family to avoid quarrels.

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Nevertheless, for more than a week, Gary has ignored his master, not looking at him, and paid no attention, proving to suffer again.

This experience is not to say that all cats react the same way when you have a dog at home. In fact, there are many dogs and cats living together. In this particular case, it is likely that the fault was in most of the masters who had all turned their attention to the “new” arrived, putting aside the cat.

What we wanted to show with this story is that cats are bad when we do not give them the love they need and that they believe they deserve. Usually, this is the main reason why they get angry.

How to know if my cat is angry with me

That said, how do we know if our cat is angry? No doubt by his body language.

The cat shows his anger through different gestures, like blowing, which is the best known and uses when it has reached the limit. However, there are other less obvious that will help you figure out if your cat is angry:

  • Ears back: although sometimes this gesture implies fear, in many other means that the cat does not like something. It could be a caress or simply made to him, because he is angry with us and we speak to him, bothers our voice. In this case, leave quietly and not touch it.
  • Grunts: you must learn to distinguish fused by grunts, as they represent different emotions. If your cat “grunts” when caressed, go away and let him walk.
  • You ignore: if your cat is every time you call it and showing affection, but suddenly stop doing it, it is clear: he is angry with you. Maybe it’s a new member in the house, human or animal, there have been invited or have it ignored or left alone for long. The best thing is to approach gradually to him, soon he becomes quiet.
  • Showing its teeth: if your cat shows teeth, beware. Do not try to calm him, get away; He will then come to you.

However, remember to pay attention to the dangers that can take your cat and that can make you angry. Sometimes anger is generated as a defense against something that does not like and, perhaps, is something dangerous.

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