I Should Give Vitamins To My Dog?

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Vitamins are a very important part of our diet and nutrition.However, when talking about the vitamins to give to our dog, there arise many doubts and do not know what to do. Can I? Better not to give them to him? How can I be sure?

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Can you give vitamins to the dogs?

The answer is yes, but not human vitamins, but those designed specifically for them, which you can find in specialty stores in the sale of products for pets.

Even if they are suitable for dogs, you can not somministrargliele at any time, only when necessary, as an overdose of vitamins can cause problems to the animal.

overdose speak because the food prepared for dogs contains all the minerals and vitamins they need. Therefore, when vitamins are necessary for a dog?

When can I give my dog vitamins

Dogs with homemade diet

Dogs who eat homemade food may present a deficit of necessary vitamins because they do not always know how to guarantee them a balanced diet.

In these cases, it is advisable to make the diet complete with vitamins so that the body of your little friend is working properly since the vitamins are responsible about this.

However, according to experts, it is recommended that the animal is fed a special feed because it contains all the minerals and substances that your body needs. This is particularly necessary for females who have just given birth and who, therefore, they have a lowering of defenses and are in need of a major source of the same.

Vitamins vs vitamin complexes

There are several cases in which it is possible to administer vitamins to a dog. For example, if it is anemic if he is sick or is very thin. In these cases, the vitamins may be necessary, but never a vitamin complex, but some specific to treat the animal’s problem. As we always say, the veterinarian is the one who can advise you better.

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Dogs with diseases

Each vitamin has a composition and a distinct function. For example, vitamin B is used to treat nerve pathologies, while the B1 can be of great help against aging.

In these cases, therefore, a proper dose of necessary vitamins can guarantee your dog a better quality of life. However, if the dog is fed with a particular feed for his problem, and that is of excellent quality, it will be possible to dispense with the vitamins.

The power we give to our animals, then, will say a lot about their health and may even improve it or, conversely, make it worse. Although a high-quality feed and specific to the physical condition can be more expensive, it’s worth it; good nutrition can lengthen the life of your pet and guarantee a better state of health.

for human vitamins?

Usually no, you can not give vitamins dogs to humans. Dogs are carnivorous beings who do not have our own needs.

However, there are some vitamin complexes that may be administered in the right dose to the dogs. Remember, though, that will always be the veterinarian to approve you: excessive intake of vitamins or wrong ones can cause problems to the animal.

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Human vitamins that are usually authorized for dogs are:

  • multivitamins
  • For the joints
  • probiotics
  • Fish Oil

Even in these cases, however, we can replace the natural vitamins with food. For example, the probiotics can be found in yogurt, as well as the fish oil is made by Omega 3 found in fish. However,  any decision should be taken after consulting your veterinarian.

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