How to Build a Sauna at Home

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Although there is a belief that the use of a sauna is for weight loss, it is designed to relax, tone the muscles and purify the body. Added to the touch of distinction that gives our home. Is a good choice considering how to build a home sauna?

With the construction of a sauna at home, we will not need to perform complex works exorbitantly high costs or support. With a  sauna electric heating, only we need a 220v outlet.

Where to Build a Sauna at Home

In the project how to build a home sauna, we must consider its location. This can be installed in a corner of the basement or on the patio of our home, take advantage of a small room … The space to occupy can be 1.20 m. X 1.70 m. Or incorporate it as a compact bathroom that includes the sauna to the traditional bathroom. As a coating we can use redwoods. Like red spruce or red pine.

The red spruce slats are more durable. United, that there is no need to pay attention to the care of its walls; We do not have to wash its surface since the heat purifies it involuntarily. However, there are other types of materials to use as marble or tile reminiscent of Roman baths.

The use of external windows in these spaces in our project like building a home sauna is not feasible because it would lose some of the insulation. In addition, you will need to use a fan to extract hot air and promote fresh air circulation after each use. Fortunately, some of the commercial heaters feature this feature.

There are on the market compact sauna heaters with the controls and all the necessary elements incorporated to be able to realize a simple and quick installation. Highly recommended for small saunas or family saunas, they also have a more affordable price than the sum of all the necessary elements separately.

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Precautions when taking a steam bath in a sauna

After the phase of how to build a home sauna when enjoy it arrives, so we must consider some precautions. The bathroom itself can not last more than a quarter of an hour,

Followed by a shower. You should never give yourself a steam bath after great physical exertion or after having a large meal or drinking too much. In such cases, rest before. Remember that the body undergoes stress when we enjoy a sauna so it should not be required to perform other tasks in parallel, such as digestion.

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It has been said that it is not necessary that the sauna has a specific size, but if we want to give capacity to a family of three to four people the following dimensions would suffice 1.80 x 2.45 mats. Also with this size the sauna room heats easily.

If we have enough space, we can include a shower and a dressing room. Although these constitute great amenities, they are optional elements, since the shower can be performed in a separate bathroom.

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Build high or low benches in our sauna

When planning how to build a sauna at home must consider the position of banks in the fourth. These can be placed in a corner or along the wall, in one or two rows depending on the size of the room. One option would be to place wooden floors.

However it is essential to add an anti-slip coating to avoid slipping on the wet floor. The door of the room consists of an airtight frame that does not get too distant from the material chosen for the coating. Avoid using a metal material for the crank to close the door, as any piece of metal would overheat to touch.

Whichever heater you use, it must be protected in its contour to avoid undesirable burns.

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