Reasons Why You Have A Bad Credit History

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People nowadays use a credit card for their daily needs and this is why we people continuously apply for credit cards from various banks. There are so many advantages over a credit card as it helps us when our out of cash. All the credit and loan users are aware of credit score which is based on some preset factors and some of those that affect the credit score are timely payments of your credit card and usage of a credit card over the card limit. The major reason from which most of the credit card users suffer is helping their friends or relatives i.e. they may use the credit card but will fail to repay it, and in common the credit burden in your side will be increased, whereas this makes you fail in paying the dues at right time. It is not that credit score is purely based on a credit card it is also on the loans you have taken from various banks. You might wonder that even your mobile phone payments are accounted for while calculating a credit score. There are internet thefts that can easily steal your identity and make use of your money, so be aware of your financial messages.

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