6 ways to display your reproduction artwork prints

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We have all been faced with the problem of just how to display our most treasured pictures, whether it’s photos of your children, film posters or beautiful artwork prints.

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Where to hang them, and how, can be a tough decision, and one which will make all the difference to how they are perceived.

Here are six great ways to make your prints create the right impression.

Be symmetrical

Symmetry is always naturally pleasing, and the brain is programmed to find it so. Consider placing your pictures either side of a chimney breast, or two each either side of a mirror or wall light, for example.

Fine art giclee printing, such as that available at http://www.river-studio.com/fine-art-printing/fine-art-giclee-printing.php, looks fabulous in symmetrical groups.

Line up, line up

Pictures hung in a line sounds boring and dull, but this is far from the case. If placed closely together, they can form a kind of ‘story’ going from left to right, which is the way the eye is usually drawn.

Those hung in a line above a shelf or table will look better if you furnish that shelf or table with interesting objects of similar colours to your prints, such as artificial flowers or ornaments.

That’s odd

It’s a general rule of thumb that odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye. So try grouping your prints in threes or fives. You could combine this with the symmetry rule by putting two groups of three on either side of a focal point.

Get colourful

You don’t normally think about redecorating when you’re hanging pictures, but if you are, using a contrasting colour to that featured in the prints will make a bold statement, highlighting the pictures admirably.

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The frame game

Frames really can and do make a picture. If your picture doesn’t already come beautifully framed, you can probably pick up some antique frames for a reasonable price from your local dealer or salvage yard.

According to The Guardian, you should always choose frames which enhance the picture, not those which match the furniture.

Frames of different styles can look fantastic, but if you want them to look more coordinated, you could paint them all the same colour.

On the shelf

Pictures look fabulous dotted along a shelf or shelves on a wall. The shelf gives them an added dimension.

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