Freshness for Your Dog This Summer!

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The highest temperatures of the year and the summer are already coming if not that they are already in your city. As much as we enjoy the sun and the fun, it is important to remember that high temperatures can affect the health of your pet. Canines can easily overheat as the only way they release the heat is by panting and by a few sweat glands between their fingers. We share a list of ways to keep your dog fresh and hydrated so you can enjoy the summer as much as you.

Do not leave it unattended in the car

On a day over 23 ° C, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to 46 ° C in less than an hour. Even with the windows down, a dog can suffer from a heat stroke immediately. If you have a long day ahead and you do not want to leave it alone, get a caretaker for the day (Get Caretaker!) And you will not worry about it while you are away.

Avoid walking on hot surfaces like the cement

The mattresses on your dog’s leg are as sensitive as the soles of your feet. Do the test, if you feel the pavement too hot to walk possibly for your pet too. As you walk, try to alternate surfaces between pavement, bench, and grass so that your legs do not overheat. If your particular dog knows you are sensitive, cover your paws with small dog boots so you can enjoy your ride better.

Welcome clean and fresh water

Some of our puppies can be very “special” and choose not to drink water if it has a strange smell or takes a time to warm in the sun. Always try to make clean water available to your dog to hydrate. Although you still have it, change it daily and do not forget to also wash your dish periodically.

Always take water when they go out

Bring with you a portable container and a bottle of water to offer you at all times.

In extremely hot days, take it home

During the summer, going to the beach and sunbathing all day is an activity that we enjoy, your dog may cause severe dehydration. Even when you feel that heat is tolerable, when dogs are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, their bodies struggle to return to their ideal temperature on their own.

Measure the exercise

Dogs sometimes do not know their own limits. If you notice you’re breathing fast or you see that you are after the ball with difficulty, it is time to take a break. While the outdoor activities are great and your pet loves them, try to do it before / during sunset.

Your safety will always be the most important and the water is indispensable. If any of the symptoms mentioned in the article persists, consult your veterinarian immediately.

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