The best ideas for printing your wedding photos

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It’s often billed as the best day of your life, yet so many of us are content to let our memories of the day sit in a big photo album that gathers dust on a shelf after the initial obligatory family viewings. Agreed, you probably have a lot of photos of the day and having too many out on show might feel like overkill. You might feel vain having a big image of yourself on display, but there are plenty of ways of keeping a reminder of the day and everything you felt without having it forced on you everywhere you turn.

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Traditional albums are still the best way to capture everything of the day, including the bits you missed or forgot. Keep guests’ photos, too, because they will capture a different angle from a professional photographer. But it’s a shame not to have a select few displayed in different ways. Pick high-res files and send them off to an online or local printer. Turnaround times are quick.


There are lots of options for updating the images, too, so you continue to remember the day but perhaps a different element. Your phone case is a great example. You might start off with a lovely romantic image of you and your partner, but later swap it for a picture of your stunning wedding shoes. You still see your spouse daily, but when was the last time you wore your shoes?

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Alternative finishes

Wood blocks are very popular now and can be sustainably sourced. Prices vary depending on size and wood, and almost regardless of the image, you’ll have a talking point for years to come.

A talented wedding photographer such as Hampshire wedding photographer, Nick Rutter,, will meet with you before the wedding and be able to gauge the sort of photos you will want to display.

Perhaps you want an artsy style landscape shot where you are the subject but not dominant? An image of the wedding venue, decorated in your colours and flowers, would provide a great memento of how the wedding felt to you, without featuring anyone in the foreground.

For more information and suggestions for printing your wedding photos, see the Brides website.

And with digital files, any decision you make now can be changed in the future.

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