What to consider when buying a new climbing frame

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The purchase of a new climbing frame can be daunting when you start doing your research and are faced with safety precautions that need to be considered. Don’t be put off – simply take cognisance of a few important factors.

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Although a private garden is not subject to strict rules regarding a safety zone, you will want to put your frame in an area that is free of trees, walls and paving that can potentially cause damage. A frame under a height of two metres that is placed on an average lawn will not need safety surfacing; grass is adequate to absorb impact. Opt for an installation that conforms to European Safety Standards and be sure to check that the finish is free from splinters and pressure treated. The HSE has information on all the risks, benefits and choices when it comes to playgrounds and equipment.


Although the majority of wooden climbing frames in the UK are made of pine due to its competitive price, make sure that a good quality of pine is used. Ask your supplier about the stability of the timber and what treatments have been applied. When enquiring about the guarantee, do not forget to ask whether it includes damage due to rot. Systems using round pole systems tend to warp and split, while square pole systems are far sturdier. The square pole system is likely to be more expensive, but you will see the benefit in the difference in quality.

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Adequate size

It is essential to choose a wood climbing frame that is safe but will challenge your little ones for the longest maximum time. A platform that is very low and has a low roof height will usually come with a very shallow slide. It will be cheaper and seem to take up less space in your garden; however, your children will outgrow it very quickly. Shop around and make sure that you know the dimensions of the climbing frame. There is an enormous choice available and you can find a multitude of different sizes and styles from suppliers such as http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames. The frames are often modular and you make additions as your child grows.

If you base your decision on these basic guidelines, your children will get years of safe fun out of your chosen climbing frame.

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