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Your website needs to reflect the core principles of your organisation and project a professional, reputable image to all visitors. If you want to gain traction online, these six tips to improve your site will be invaluable and help you achieve your digital aims.

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Capitalise on branding opportunities

A website is the perfect place to reinforce your firm’s brand, so make sure that pages feature a modern, stylish and industry-appropriate logo. The colours associated with your branding can also be used throughout the site, for things like the interface, so do not miss out on this excellent opportunity.

Avoid cluttered design

Some sites can take things a bit far in terms of adding interface elements, multimedia content, copy, links and other interactive features. A pared back, minimalistic approach is generally better and also favoured in an age when mobiles are more commonly used to browse the web than desktop computers – http://bgr.com/2016/11/02/internet-usage-desktop-vs-mobile/.

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Pick professional images

A quick way to overhaul a site is through the addition of professionally captured photographs. The quick and cheap route to improved images is via a stock photography site, but this can leave your pages looking a little generic. If you have the resources, hiring a photographer to capture unique snaps to add to your site may be better.

Ditch outdated platforms

While some sites are still clinging onto useful web apps and services which were dominant in the past, knowing when to cut them loose is also necessary. For example, Flash has quickly become redundant, with HTML5 taking its place, so do not get overly attached if you want your online presence to remain dynamic and impactful.

Working with an agency like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html, which offers web design in Belfast, will let you adapt your site to use the latest platforms.

Keep testing

Whenever you make changes to your site, even if they are merely aesthetic, remember to test and test again to check that it displays correctly and works smoothly on a whole range of devices. Persistent testing and maintenance will avoid embarrassing outages and disgruntled users.

Champion optimisation

Piling all of your efforts into perfecting your home page is all well and good, but unless the rest of your site is up to scratch then your time will have been wasted. You should, therefore, treat every page as a landing page and optimise accordingly.

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