Cost Effective Ways to Add Quick Value to your Home

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Whether you are happy in your home and just fancy a makeover, are looking to sell or have just bought your first ever property, you might be looking for ways to make some improvements to add value, without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to achieve just that:

#1 The Kitchen

The kitchen is the warm heart of the home and is one of the most important factors people look at when viewing a property. Making a few updates in this room will instantly pay off. Fairly cheap alterations could include a new tap set and sink, replacement cupboard handles, adding new lighting fixtures or replacing the cupboard doors with new or having them refaced. Having matching appliances is another way to give your room an easy makeover.

#2 The Bathroom

On a par with the kitchen, bathrooms can often be deal breakers when it comes to buying a property. Whether you’re bored with your current set-up or need to make improvements in order to put your house on the market, a few tweaks to the bathroom décor will go a long way. Low cost changes could include a new toilet seat or sink, replacing the flooring with vinyl tiles, re-grouting the bath and shower area and even adding in a feature radiator. For Designer Radiators, visit

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#3 Carpet

A tired carpet can really bring down the atmosphere and aesthetics of a home. You’ll be surprised at how much difference a new carpet can make to a home, updating it instantly and making it feel cleaner and fresher. If a new carpet is over-budget then consider investing in some large, soft rugs to strategically cover any areas that are particularly grubby or worn. You won’t want to re-carpet if your selling so rugs are a better idea as the new owners will most likely want to choose their own flooring.

#4 The Front Door

Don’t overlook this area as it’s the first point of contact with your property aside from the garden. If it needs a lick of paint then consider a new bright, welcoming colour and replacing an old handle with a nice, substantial knocker that says this home is solid. Tidy up the front garden to make sure there is an unbroken and uncluttered pathway directly from the road to your front door. Mow the grass regularly and place a few attractive potted plants or features to make the property look cared for and loved.

#5 Lighting

Having an overhaul of your lighting can make a huge difference. Installing feature fixtures like a chandelier, angled spotlights or mood lighting can totally transform a room. Think about installing ceiling fans and lights in bedrooms and conservatories for example as they add something a bit extra, especially in warmer weather.

#6 Paint

This is a cost-efficient way to really liven up those drab walls. You can easily make rooms look brand new, offering a fresh canvas from which to start over. Make sure it’s a good quality job though and if you’re not confident then seek the help of a professional decorator. A bad paint job can look as bad as tired, old walls!

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