5 Tested Tips For The Care Of Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring – a combination of practicality, beauty, water resistance, durability and wear resistance. This universal coating successfully imitates almost any surface with a high degree of reliability. The new designs of vinyl tiles are so accurate that general people will not immediately understand that it is vinyl tiles or elite parquet or a natural stone. However, glossy or matte, smooth or fluted – the variety of vinyl coatings is amazing and everything is well explained by the features of vinyl tiles manufacturer.

It is like a multi-layer cake, on top of which is a transparent thermoplastic, protecting the material from mechanical damage and abrasion. Here you can put anything you want: from imitating any natural material to photos, abstractions or Karndean Knight Tile. Strength, elasticity, and rigidity are ensured by the following layer – a strong quartz crumb with plasticizers. The lowest layer is a stabilizing vinyl backing, the main task of which is to suppress vibrations and sounds.

Karndean Opus vinyl floor covering

There are household, commercial and special vinyl coverings. They differ in terms of service life and purpose (the place where such coverage is recommended).

But whatever material you choose, wherever you put it, no one canceled the proper care. And most importantly, what you need to take into account – the main recommendations that really work.

1) Do not overdo it

The thinner the thermoplastic layer, the more careful it should be with the mechanical friction of the surface. Especially it concerns household vinyl cover. Protect it from direct sunlight, do not allow strong contaminants. It is better to clean it regularly than to get rid of old stains.

2) Only suitable detergents

The use of detergents recommended by the manufacturer is a must for a long life of the floor covering. In addition to the means for daily cleaning, there are strong formulations for removing fresh complex spots, but you need to be careful with them: in most cases they are very aggressive, and if you do not comply with the rules of use, even the highest quality vinyl flooring that only exists in sale, will be damaged.

3) No abrasives

Despite the fact that the top layer of the vinyl coating is protected against abrasion, do not clean the material with soda, sand or hard brushes. At first, everything will be fine: the dirt is quickly removed, everything shines. But then on the surface, there will be scratches and scrapes, get rid of which will be extremely difficult.

Karndean Opus vinyl floor covering

4) Do not attempt to remove very complex contaminants yourself

If you are not been able to immediately remove the complex contaminants, then it’s best to contact the expert. However, if it’s not possible to remove, then it’s much easier and cheaper to completely change the flooring because vinyl floor repairs are almost impossible. Yes, theoretically such a procedure can be implemented, but its cost is unlikely to please you.

5) Clean the flooring regularly

Regular dry or wet cleaning will extend the life of your vinyl flooring, ensure a healthy atmosphere in your home. And also take care of special overlays on furniture – often the vinyl cover is damaged by accidental or deliberate movement of furniture. Take care of this beautiful, durable and durable coating correctly, and its service life will please you.

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