What Is Manufacturing Technology Of Vinyl Flooring?

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Vinyl floors are a new technology that has appeared relatively recently and has already gained popularity among many people. This coating absorbed all the advantages of linoleum, laminate, and wooden floors and at the same time getting rid of their shortcomings. According to the manufacturers, the vinyl floor is almost perfect. Is it really? With this question, we will understand this article, which together with the website stroisovety.org will study the characteristics of this floor covering, we will understand the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the laminate and linoleum. In general, we will study this material in the most thorough manner.

Technology Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has not very complex production technology, hence the relatively low cost of this material. It is made by the method of hot pressing of carefully selected components – in particular, it is polyvinylchloride, all kinds of resins, inert fillers, quartz chips, stabilizers, and plasticizers. As you can see, there is practically nothing in the composition of vinyl floors. But, nevertheless, this flooring is absolutely safe for humans and does not emit any toxins.

Vinyl flooring such as Karndean Korlok has a layered structure – if you deal with it in detail, the tone consists of five parts …

  • The base, which in some models is covered with a layer of glue with a protective film – we can say that this is a self-adhesive vinyl floor.
  • The main layer of polyvinyl chloride with impregnations of mineral crumb (usually quartz sand).
  • The decorative layer on which the pattern is applied. Here you can find both a monophonic floor covering of this type and imitations of natural materials and even motley drawings.
  • A layer of transparent polyvinyl chloride, which is nothing more than the protection of the decorative layer from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.
  • Protective polyurethane layer, treated with ultraviolet rays, whose task is to protect the vinyl floor from abrasion.

As you can see, this structure of floor coverings has been tested over the years and is the best solution for the manufacture of reliable, durable, unpretentious in use decorative floor coverings.

Technology Of Vinyl Flooring

Dealing with varieties of floor vinyl cover, self-adhesive vinyl floors can be distinguished in a separate group – their back side is covered with adhesive material protected by a special film. This coating provides a lot of advantages when laying – the manufacturer clearly calculates the required amount of glue and, of course, its quality. So, you do not have to clog your head for glue. It is worth such a coating is not much more expensive than an ordinary one, but its laying is easy and simple, and most importantly clean.

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