The Many Uses of an Outbuilding

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If you’re short of space, whether your family has expanded, or you need a place to work from home, it’s worth considering an outbuilding. They are cheaper and quicker than building an extension and you won’t need to arrange planning permission. Perhaps you’ve already had an extension but still require that bit of additional space. It’s not as easy to move home today as it once was, so an ideal solution is a useful outbuilding, such as a summerhouse, shepherds hut or shed to give you that much-needed space at a fraction of a price.

Here are some ideas for what you could use an outbuilding for:

  1. A nice addition to your property is an outbuilding used as a summerhouse. This is perfect if you don’t currently have a sunroom or conservatory. You can make the most of your garden on those warm, sunny days and furnish with wicker seating with soft, plush cushions, rugs and curtains in light, summery fabrics.
  2. If you need a space for working from home, shepherd huts or upmarket sheds can make the perfect home office. It’s good to have a separate space for working that’s not inside the home as this helps productivity and lessens possible distractions.

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  1. Inviting guests to stay over will become a lot less stressful and cramped when you have a comfortable room at the end of your garden to put them up in. Guests will appreciate the personal, private space and will undoubtedly enjoy a much better stay and night’s sleep.
  2. Tired of having children’s toys all over your home? If you struggle to find a special place for your children to spread out and play, then a garden room can become the perfect den. It can be a casual and fun space for drawing, painting and other messy play. Create a nook for reading and fill a bookcase with all their favourite reads. This way you’ll rediscover your home interior and might even get some peace and quiet for a while!
  3. Another useful way an outbuilding can be used is in the form of a laundry room. If the noise of the washing machine drives you mad and you hate hanging washing around the house in winter, imagine how convenient it would be to have a dedicated space for dealing with laundry.

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  1. Perhaps you’d benefit from a separate space for any pets you have. A shed or outbuilding is the ideal spot for many pets, such as chickens, ducks and dogs. Maybe your dog would enjoy a dedicated space for them to relax in and to stop them continually getting under your feet inside the house.

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