Bras Not Bombs: on a mission to make a difference

While food, water and shelter may be a priority for many refugees and those in war torn countries, simple things that we take for granted, such as clean underwear, can be almost as important. For victims of war, rape and other atrocities, basic human necessities are often forgotten, but one woman has pledged to change that.

Caroline Kerr is the lady behind the Bras Not Bombs campaign that’s been making a difference to so many women in the last two years.

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An inspirational idea

Kerr was spurred on to act after she saw a Facebook post from an aid worker in a refugee camp that said how sad it is that pregnant women, women who had been abused and even children, didn’t even have any underwear. She felt it also made them more vulnerable and that not having such a basic necessity also caused a loss of pride.

Kerr acknowledges that although there are other items such as sanitary pads that may be considered more useful, her campaign to collect bras and underwear has attracted a lot of attention, and through it, she has been able to organise other fundraising drives that benefit women across the globe.

An on-going initiative

Bras Not Bombs is doing a huge amount of good for women across the globe and restoring a little bit of dignity along the way.

People have donated everything from lingerie like the white Prima Donna Deauville bra available at to very basic T-shirt bras, and every donation is appreciated. Kerr says that initially not everyone understood her aim and she received donations of high-heeled boots and other similar items, but every donation helps.

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Caroline Kerr now also is able to buy bras and underwear in bulk, and her fundraising efforts have garnered attention from all corners, from the retail sector to other aid agencies and care programmes. She aims to empower women and says that women’s issues have always been important to her, but she never imagined she’d be able to do so much.

She says that Bras Not Bombs is happy to receive just about any donations, and whether it’s underwear, sanitary products, or even cash, they can use it to make a difference to women who have endured unimaginable hardship and suffering.

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