How to plan your garage organisation

A garage can easily become a place where everyone decides to dump things they don’t want to look at each day. While that’s all very well, it might turn into a nightmare when you do want to access these things or do some work. Try these tips to organise your garage and turn it into an accessible workspace.

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Throw away

Get rid of anything that you aren’t using. Throw it away or donate it to charity. If it doesn’t work, get rid of it. Anything that has been waiting to be repaired for more than a year or two is most likely never going to be fixed. Clear out and make some space.

Draw up a plan

Take measurements and draw up a plan. Decide where you are going to put shelves or a workspace.

Put things into categories

Keep the most used items near the door within easy access. Also have a spot for seasonal equipment. Putting big items in the corner seems logical, but it really takes up a lot more space than needed. Try putting these things under a shelf to save space. Keep items like rakes, shovels and ladders off the floor by securely hanging them on the wall. Secure your items by making sure the garage door can close properly. If you need garage door repairs in Hatfield, don’t put it off.

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Use containers

Putting your things in containers will keep them clean. A closed garage door also minimises dirt coming in from outside. Garage door repair specialists, like, are available online and will give you a quote on repairs if needed. Stacking containers can save space, and transparent bins make it easy for you to see what’s inside. Don’t forget to label the bins that are opaque, so that access is easy when you do need to get to things.

Ensure safety

Garages are often filled with dangers, like pesticides and dangerous equipment. Almost 150,000 Brits are admitted to hospital annually, because of poisoning, and most cases happen at home. Allocate a space that children can’t get to and label it clearly. Sharp tools and other dangers should be hung out of reach or locked in boxes.

Having a clean, safe and organised space will make the garage a much more pleasant place to enter and work in.

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