Organising your Garage and Making the Most of it

A garage is not one of the rooms of the home that is often given as much thought or attention. But organising your garage well can make a big difference to your life – no more wading through clutter to find what you want, here is how you can enjoy a practical and well-functioning garage that dads would be proud of!

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To make your garage a more appealing place, treat it as you would the rest of your home – give it a bit of love! A lick of paint and some new doors from somewhere like this garage doors Gloucester based company can make all the difference.

One of the best ways to organise your garage storage is by building higher up against the walls – use clearly labelled boxes to keep everything neat and tidy.

For tools, a wall rack is not only a tidy way to store them whilst saving space, but it also means that you can instantly see what you want to use rather than having to rummage for it.

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If you have work surfaces in your garage, put drawers underneath them all – you can store smaller objects like screws, or if you use the garage for gardening store seeds and other smaller items here.

If you keep bikes in the garage, get a bike rack to hang them from, or to mount them on a wall or ceiling – this will save a lot of space and look much more organised and cleaner than a pile of bikes leant up against a wall.

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