Essential Items for Your Winter Garage

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As winter approaches, now is the time to store all your summer sports equipment, garden furniture and tools. Here is a list of essential items each garage should contain to create an orderly wintertime garage. Not only will this make it easier to locate items as you need them, but your garage will become a happy and safe place to be.

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Bright Lighting

Good bright lighting is essential for all garages in order to locate your items easily and for any DIY projects you may complete in your garage. Consider installing additional portable lights, which will help you see the garage floor properly.

Wall Storage

Make the best use of your garage wall space by installing wall storage. Add cabinets to conceal all of your clutter.


Shelving, whether inside your storage cabinet or on the wall, has a myriad of uses. It can be used to create a safe space by keeping chemicals or gardening tools out of children’s reach, keeping your most used items in easy reach or storing toys and children’s items lower down.

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Brackets and Hooks

Brackets and hooks enable you to hang ladders, brooms and gardening tools, which saves space and makes your garage appear less cluttered.

Sports Storage

Consider sports storage to tidy away all your sticks, clubs or rackets, while bike storage will keep your bike secure as well as free up garage space. Hoists and hooks can keep your bike on the ceiling or wall.

Purchase storage that creates maximum storage space while being practical. Having storage for small items like water bottles or golf balls is particularly useful.

Once all your belongings are stored away, there are endless ideas for how to utilise your new garage space. You could even create a home gym!


As you create the ideal well-organised garage, consider replacing your existing scruffy garage floor. Inter-locking tiles or a resin floor can complete the task and get your garage looking its best.

Tool Holders and DIY

Each hobby, such as crafts, gardening or DIY, comes with a multitude of tools. Store your tools, such as silicone hoses from silicone hose manufacturers like, in specialised tool holders.

Opt for a workbench that folds down to create more space in your garage when you are not using it.

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