Effective maintenance of timber homes

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Timber homes provide a sleek and stylish option for your home, with many long-term benefits. There are certain techniques you can apply to your self-build home to ensure your home continues to provide these perks and benefits.

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The maintenance techniques detailed below can help keep timber houses in a livable condition for decades. If effective maintenance is not upheld, as time progresses, your timber home could incur deterioration from the natural elements.

Ensure high standard timber is used

While your timber house is being constructed, it is vital that genuine high-quality timber is used.

Companies such as QTF Homes can advise on the best and highest standard of timber for timber frame houses and to prolong the home’s livable condition, there are also certain treatments and approaches during the construction stages, such as treating the wood in particular processes.

Treatment undertaken by professionals

The task of treating your timber frame home must be undertaken by a professional, and not attempted by a novice. This is an essential step to lengthening the lifetime of your house, and a professional will know exactly what treatment and procedure to use at each stage. The professional you hire to construct your self-build home should have excellent knowledge of each treatment procedure and what will work for your selected timber.

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Protection against insect damage

Sodium silicate is one particular chemical that is highly recommended for use in timber treatments. It has flame retardant properties which can help preserve and protect the timber and protect it from being destroyed by insects. Insects are accountable for the majority of damage wreaked upon timber houses. This is because insects often select large timber structures to create their homes due to their natural warmth. A timber structure can easily become damaged as a number of insects burrow into it.

To repair and rid your home of insects can be costly; local authority pest controllers carry out approximately 715,000 for various infestations each year.

The destruction of your home can be avoided by using wet rot and dry rot treatments.

Waterproof treatments

The timber within the self-build home should be subject to specific waterproofing treatments. This will prevent moisture and water seeping into the timber during rainy weather. If water permeates the wood it can expand into ice, causing the wood to break.

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