Buying a Blender for Your Business

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For most people, a blender or mixer isn’t considered a standard business expense, but in many industries these machines are vital. The terms “blender” and “mixer” generically describe a multitude of different devices. If a “blender” or “mixer” is indeed what you need, you must do your homework to select the one which best matches your requirements.

Small Blenders for Chefs and Bartenders

Conventional blenders are a bartender’s friend and a tool of the trade for all chefs worth their salt. The implements common to kitchen countertops consist of a container for the ingredients with a motor to rotate the blade that grinds the contents into liquid. Hand-held “immersion blenders” instead have a head that goes directly into the blending mixture. Good for more than smoothies, shakes and cocktails, blenders have proven essential to cutting edge food scientists in molecular gastronomy experiments.

Food processors are basically blenders for more solid foods with additional slicing and dicing capabilities. Kitchen mixers function similarly, with hand mixers used for stirring or beating eggs while large spiral stand mixers can quickly knead large quantities of dough.

Big Industry Requires Bigger Machines

While machines used for commercial pursuits are generally compact and easily operable, industrial processes entail appliances of a more specialized nature. This is where the mixer market gets tricky.

A ribbon mixer, also called a ribbon blender, is particularly popular in manufacturing and processing, employing metal ribbons which run in opposite directions to mix dry ingredients. V blenders mix dry powders, such as those found in drug capsules, with a different powder going into each arm of the V before being mixed by the machine. High shear mixers destabilize the particles in a substance to thicken the end mixture, a desirable quality in creams, lotions, and other cosmetics. Planetary mixers are used for round things, including pills for pharmaceuticals or food products such as dough.

Blenders and mixers come in varied designs to suit specific purposes. It’s important to choose the right tool for your work.

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