How to style an Aran sweater

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One of the best things about the colder time of year is being able to wrap up warm and get cosy. An Aran sweater is a classic, timeless winter knit, that can look good for almost any occasion and which can be worn with almost any other item in your wardrobe.

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The Aran and the sea
Aran jumpers traditionally come in an off white colour and with an all over cable pattern, but predominantly on the chest area. They were first introduced for fishermen out on the notoriously rough Irish seas. Indeed, a three-year-old Irish mystery involving a washed-up wooden houseboat has recently been solved. The boat is now on display in a community garden not far from where it was found.

Get the right fit
This style of jumper looks best slightly oversized. The sleeves should reach the hands and the hem should just reach the hips. A tight-fitting jumper will just feel restrictive and potentially uncomfortable, especially if going from a cold to hot environment.

One of the many advantages of a mens Irish Aran sweater is that it can be worn with smart trousers, over the top of a checked shirt and worn under a knee-length coat, or jacket. Paired with smart brown shoes and a matching scarf, this will create a stylish and fashionable look.

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The Aran jumper is great for when you are popping out to the shops, for a winter walk, or to the pub for a drink. It is recommended that men wear a tee shirt underneath to prevent any irritation and this will also keep the jumper fresher for longer. Worn with either just a scarf and beanie hat, or underneath a Gillet, this is the perfect outfit for a crisp winter morning.

The neck
If you like a roll neck, then match with skinny jeans to give a sophisticated look. The crew neck offers less restriction and is better for wearing over a shirt. As an example, traditional style Aran jumpers can be seen here in a choice of colours and in a range of sizes.

For men wanting a slightly different look, there are various designs on the market such as the Celtic knot. This design looks great worn with jeans and fashion trainers. Or for a retro look, opt for the cardigan version.

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