Could You Be Paying Too Much for Boiler Cover?

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It can feel reassuring to have a comprehensive breakdown package for your boiler, but you could be paying too much compared to the costs of servicing and repairs.

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While the average cost of a boiler breakdown contract is £242, according to Which?, it costs on average only £75 for an annual service, and a saving of £167 could be put aside into your own savings account each year for the rare event when a repair is needed or to invest in a new boiler when yours gets old.

It seems only around 21% of people actually need any repairs on their boilers in the first six years they have them, so by analysing whether you need a separate boiler insurance policy you could be saving big amounts each year on a product you would only have a one in five chance of using.

What to Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down

It can feel safest to have boiler insurance in case of any breakdowns, but you can also build a good relationship with local servicing and repair experts who are available immediately in emergency situations.

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HPR plumbing and heating are experts in boiler installation Bristol and can install new boilers as well as provide annual servicing and emergency repairs if you need them. Find out more at about how local boiler companies can help you look after your boiler and ensure it keeps working well without paying for boiler insurance.

Finding the Right Way to Cover Yourself

If you’ve installed a new boiler, you could get away without boiler breakdown cover all together, or at least save with a basic boiler emergency policy which could cost around £61 a year. Prices may jump after your boiler is a year or two old, with a 20% increase on auto-renewal commonplace, so beware and keep your peace of mind by paying for the annual service separately.

Sites such as Money Supermarket explain simply the different sorts of boiler cover available.

Think about the age of your boiler, the level of excess you want to pay and whether you could get cover for emergencies via your home insurance policy for cheaper than a separate boiler insurance policy and you’ll be able to find a way to pay less for your boiler cover.

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