Playing Rugby has a certain amount of hazards.

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Following on from the excitement of the 6 nations, resulting in yet another glorious win and Grand Slam for Wales and England’s characteristic capitulation and draw with Scotland on the final day, it’s time to consider the amount and frequency of injuries that can occur when playing the game if you’re suitable inspired to take it up. An old story I was told by my games teacher. Who was looking to rouse the troops before a school match said “Someone said to me, ‘Rugby’s a tough game’, and I said ‘Yeah, it is. I’ve broken a couple of legs and a few ribs in my time and none of them were mine!’”. One thing he didn’t say was there was a chance you’d get your teeth knocked out. As we shall see this is rare but if it does happen you can always get a Dental Implants Cardiff company to help you. What is the most likely injuries that you could be faced with and who on the field suffers it?

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Surprisingly, Neck Injuries are common. The law in Rugby is very clear; you must not make a tackle above the chest. In all the rough and tumble of the game it’s not an easy rule to always stick to as you can end up tackling someone quite by accident. Not everyone on the pitch has the same abilities of skills either so it may well be a simple error that causes the injuries. The other place that neck injuries occur is if there are issues with the set-up of a scrum. This puts a great risk on the props and hooker positions but even more of those in the second row who can look forward to a face plant if the scrum collapses. Added to this is the increased chance of getting Cauliflower ear, a deformity that comes from high pressure being placed on the soft tissue of the outer ear and cuts to the face.

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The maul and ruck parts of the game put greater pressure on the breaking or damaging of hands and fingers. Players generally do not care where they place their feet in such situations and the chances of a boot stud scraping the skin. The worst times for getting an injury seems to be at the beginning of the season so make sure that if you do play your have built up some strength in the preseason warm-ups.


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