Process for Getting Immediate Dentures

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For many patients, getting dentures can restore a smile that has been lackluster for years. Unsightly broken or decayed teeth and painful dental infections may have been burdensome on a patient for many years. Getting an attractive, healthy smile is certainly something that many patients look forward to when getting dentures. For those who are concerned about going without teeth while the denture is being fabricated, there are other alternatives. An immediate denture allows the patient to leave the dental office the day of extractions with full dentures Bel Air MD.

Denture Impressions

Before the day of extractions, impressions are taken of the patient’s teeth so that a temporary denture can be fabricated in the lab. Once the dental office gets the denture made and has it in the office, they call the patient to schedule for extractions.

Extractions and Immediate Denture Delivery

In order to make room for the dentures to fit, all of the patient’s natural teeth must be extracted. Once all the teeth are out, the dentist places the immediate (or temporary) denture into the patient’s mouth. The patient will wear this until the tissues heal enough for an impression (or mold) to be taken for the permanent denture fabrication.

Final Denture Delivery

Once the patient’s tissues are completely healed, the dentist takes a new set of impressions. The denture made from this impression is the final, or permanent, denture. It has a much better custom-fit than the temporary denture and can last for many years if the patient takes care of it well.

For patients who need to replace many teeth, full dentures can be a good option. For more information, a consultation with a dentist is recommended. X-rays and visual examination can let the patient know if he or she is an ideal candidate for this restorative procedure.

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