Dental care for patients with diabetes

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Diabetes and Teeth

Bad circulation, high glycemia in diabetics often causes dry mouth, decreased salivation, cracked lips, cheilosis. In the mouth, the patient activates the microorganisms increase their number. This is the destruction of the structure of the tooth enamel and caries develops. Patient safety functions with diabetes mellitus are greatly reduced, thus increasing the risk of oral cavity infection and the development of serious diseases (Periodontitis, Gingivitis, and others). Diabetics are very important for their early diagnosis and timely treatment To read and write, so they need to devote time to regular visits to the dentist. By curing a specialist, patients should also be careful that the doctor must be familiar with dental problems in diabetic patients.

Diabetes in Diabetes

Dental care for patients with diabetes

Dentistry Troubleshooting Orally made in diabetic plywood. If human oral cavity with uncomplicated. The treatment is performed after the administration of a higher dose of insulin. This patient is required to prescribe antibiotics and analgesics. Anesthesia is only recommended during the reimbursement phase. The dentist should have all the information about the condition of the insulin. Patient health and the right to control chronic illness because the same treatment the teeth of a patient with diabetes does not differ substantially from the same intervention of ordinary people.

Dental implants in diabetics

Through these procedures, the dentist should have particular knowledge, since not everyone knows that diabetics lowered immunity, soon tired, have a higher pain threshold. For prostheses, used for diabetics, too, there are certain requirements: they must be made of special alloys (chromium-cobalt, nickel-chromium) and the right to redistribute the load. Commonly used metal compounds are not suitable because they can adversely affect the salvation process and cause allergic reactions. Patients are available and popular today, ceramic crowns are not inferior in terms of performance and the aesthetic properties of metal prostheses.

Dental care for patients with diabetes

Dental implants in diabetics are also possible, but this procedure needs to be done with great care and be sure to have a highly qualified, competent professional and taking into account the peculiarities of its diabetic patients. It is important to remember that the installation of implants Conducted only in compensated diabetes.

Extras in diabetes procedure

For the removal of teeth in diabetics can cause acute inflammation in the mouth, and also the disease illness. Plan Dental Exercise is only needed in the morning. Before the operation, it has introduced several different insulin doses, and immediately prior to surgery comes Performed the oral antiseptic treatment. Anesthesia is only allowed in case of compensation. On unplanned sickness planes for the removal and treatment of the teeth must be delayed because it is very dangerous.

Dental care for patients with diabetes

Irreparable attitude to illness, lack of will to control it, can quickly deprive a person of teeth. So, it is best to take care of the Teeth and oral cavity: regularly clean and periodically check their condition by the dentist, devote time to preventative measures, to prevent the development of dental disease. This approach will help delay the moment your doctor does not hit you safely.

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