The best pet friendly fabrics for your home

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We all love our pets, but unfortunately they can cause problems for fabrics thanks to our their fur and claws! There are some fabrics that can rip in an instant as soon as your cat or dog walks on them, but thankfully there are many others that are hard wearing and pet-friendly. Read on for some ideas on choosing the right fabrics for your home when you have pets.

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Leather is a tough fabric and can take plenty of rough wear. Leather is also one of those great fabrics that can actually look better with age as it starts to get some creases and develops a new softness. Pet hair will not stick to leather, which makes it easy to clean and easier to keep hygienic. You can simply vacuum the pet hair away. The only problem is that leather can scratch, so pet claws can be a problem. However, many people love the look of a well-worn leather with some scratches, so it depends on your taste.


Denim is another tough fabric, and this can withstand pet attention well. it can have a rather casual look to it, so denim is best left to more relaxed rooms and away from formal sitting rooms. Some great places to have denim furniture include casual living rooms, lounges, snugs and family rooms. They can also work well in play rooms and across the whole house in rustic country cottages.

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Similar to denim, canvas is a strong and tough fabric that takes scratches well. A tight weave can be vacuumed, while cleaning can be done easily with a cloth. Canvas is a durable cotton which does not easily tear or scratch. If it is removable, it is easy to put in the washing machine for a better clean. Canvas is good for window dressings too and can make hard-wearing bathroom roller blinds, such as those available from Remember to consider your bathroom style and shape before choosing your window dressings.


Synthetic fibre can also be a great choice if you have pets, as it does not scratch, rip or tear easily. You can use a lint brush to remove any pet hair, and it also wipes easily with a cloth or even your hand. Soap and water are usually enough to deal with any marks or stains.

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