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Leaving home and living on your own for the first time is scary. It’s ok to admit it. Even the toughest first year students experience homesickness and worries about fitting in and making friends. It’s also hard when you’re leaving behind best friends and significant others. There’s the worry about sustaining long-distance relationships. Here are some tips to follow before you leave and when you first get to your new home to make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible. 

  1. Be proactive

When it comes to making friends, be proactive and don’t wait for people to come to you. Leave your door open while unpacking so you can say hi to your flatmates as they arrive. Remember that everyone will be feeling equally nervous. Suggest cooking dinner together for everyone on the first night to give everyone a chance to break the ice and learn what you have in common. For excellent, home-from-home Gloucester student accommodation, visit

  1. Bring a piece of home with you

Remember to take something along with you that reminds you of home. Whether it’s a toy, a favourite teddy bear or a family photo in a frame. You can look at it or hold it when you’re having a tough day or use it as a conversation starter when your flatmates pop in to introduce themselves.

  1. Stay busy

Sitting around, doing nothing is sure to make you wallow in self-pity and feel homesick. Get out and about, even if it’s just to library to get a head start on your reading list. Go to the fresher fayres and society events, even if you’re not sure which to join yet. Gather lots of information, grab a few freebies and you never know what might happen. Find someone on your course to be a study buddy. There is never a moment where you have to be without something new and exciting going on, so grab all opportunities with both hands.

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  1. Continue with your passions

Don’t drop your favourite activities just because you moved away from home. If you play an instrument, sang in a school choir or were a chess competition mastermind – seek out the college clubs that are relevant and sign yourself up. College is also the perfect place for launching your own organization, so if there’s something you feel passionately about, why not start your own?

  1. Stay connected

It’s ok to stay connected with home, just don’t miss out on new opportunities because you’re stuck on the phone with your parents, BFF or boyfriend or girlfriend. Set up a regular time to talk with folks back home, because sometimes it’s comforting to hear a friendly voice from back home.

  1. You’re not on your own

The transition between living at home and flying solo is a tough one, so be kind to yourself over it. Everyone has feelings of insecurity, anxiety and homesickness – it’s just a question of how we deal with it that makes the difference. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the coping mechanisms so you can deal with it in a productive and healthy manner.


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