5 great features of digital school bus management software

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Routing is always a primary concern for school bus transportation planning because it has implications for many critical factors, including student safety. This can be a complicated, time-consuming and inefficient process when carried out manually and lead to an unnecessary waste of scarce funds and resources. Many schools have already implemented bus routing and scheduling software in order to manage their bus fleets efficiently and safely.

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Modern routing software can be customised to suit the needs of individual schools and to provide an enhanced service to parents and students. It can also help in the ongoing battle with costs by eliminating unnecessary transportation expenses. This article takes a look at five useful features of this software.

1. User-friendly interface

The software is designed to be easy to navigate and operate thanks to its intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI). It is simple to install and update, it runs automatically, and troubleshooting is quick and easy.

2. Effortless Registration

Users of the system can generate their account details simply by entering their personal information, such as name, ID, class, contact details, and username.

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3. GPS technology

Thanks to integration with GPS technology, student safety and operating efficiency are enhanced even further. You can read more about how GPS technology works in Time Magazine. This customised software allows you to optimise any route management task, cut vehicle maintenance expenses, and manage your student pick-ups and drop offs.

4. Mapping options

Integration of this routing software with geo-location and mapping features also gives improved efficiency. By using the map feature, you can view all current routes, calculate the optimal route for every trip, and request guidance information. Regular updates for the software keep the maps operating efficiently and accurately with any road layout changes.

If you need more information on this aspect of the School Bus Booking and Management System, specialist companies will be happy to advise you, such as https://www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/school-bus-booking-and-management-system.aspx.

5. Advanced user settings

Thanks to the comprehensive advanced user settings feature, a user is able to simply create, monitor, and reconfirm any school bus routing in real time. In addition, every user has a dedicated role and priority. Based on this role and priority information, user settings can be managed and controlled and access levels set accordingly.


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