What the future could look like for smartphones

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Smartphones have travelled an incredibly fast journey over the last couple of decades from something only the elite could afford and the size of a brick to multiple handsets in virtually every household on the planet. But what does the future hold?

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Most of us are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of 5G but it’s only logical that, at some point, there will be 6G. Presumably, this will enable us to have even faster internet connections. Researchers are looking into incorporating AI into 6G to support and optimise the 6G capabilities.

Air Charging

Perhaps in the future we will no longer be restricted by cables and charging near charging ports. Whilst we do have wireless chargers now, you still have to place your phone somewhere and it’s not in use. Imagine being able to walk into your home and your phone automatically connects to an over-the-air charger without you having to do a thing! For a new phone right now, consider Vodafone Dundalk at a site like King Communications


Sim cards could be a thing of the past with the introduction of the eSim. These sims would not be physical and this means easy to update, change and even switch networks as they would be provided virtually by the network provider.

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Super-fast charging could be available with nanobattery technology. The current batteries in mobile phones aren’t ideal and still require frequent charging. Nanobatteries can offer decentralised energy consumption and transfer but scientists haven’t yet managed to make them small enough to fit inside a mobile phone.

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