What To Know if You’re Thinking About Using Automatic Dispensers

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Automated dispensing cabinets have been used in hospitals since the 1980s. These units are controlled by computers and allow for the convenient storage, tracking, and dispersion of medication. However, as they have been slowly adopted in the United States, people still question these units.

Benefits People Have Noticed

There are many benefits people have noticed from installing an automated dispensing unit Mason OH. For instance, many people have noticed that nurses have increased ease of access to medications, they are secure, they are easy to stock, they are connected to the pharmacy computers, they can be connected to other devices, they consist of barcode technology for tracing, and they are near the patients’ point of care.

Benefits Scientists Have Proven

While people have noticed many benefits, the biggest one that scientists have proven is the increased efficiency and reduced medication errors. Plenty of reports have been published on the impact of this technology on error rates. These studies show reduced dispensing errors and fewer rates of drug administration errors. That makes these units worthwhile.

Things That Affect Safety

While there are many benefits of these cabinets, they are hard to safeguard without proper planning. Some of the issues that can reduce these devices’ safety include failing to implement patient profiling, inaccurate overrides, poor placement, look-alike drug names, excessive amounts, and inefficient stocking procedures.

Things You Can Do To Improve Safety

Before these units were available, someone prepared the medications, a pharmacist checked their work, and a nurse dispensed it. While these have removed many of the people responsible for checking the accuracy of medication, you can still improve the safety of these devices by double-checking a prescription before it is given to a patient.

There are plenty of benefits that have made these cabinets worthwhile. However, failing to undertake the proper steps can impact their safety greatly.

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