Helping Your Elderly Family Member Live at Home

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Remaining at home is important to many people, allowing them a comfort zone and familiarity during their last few years or months. For many people, though, that requires an additional support system. The following are some things to consider.

1. Hire an Outside Medical Resource

Help is needed to remain in the home. Research places that offer 24/7 home care services Brooklyn NY, and locate a place that suits your family member’s needs. Having someone there almost around the clock ensures medicines are taken, baths are given and someone is there to watch and aid.

2. Arrange for Meal Delivery

Have food delivered to avoid additional mess and issues in the kitchen. You may use grocery delivery services or a meal preparation business. The meals are stored in the fridge. Plus, by going through a company, you can ensure you are meeting dietary needs.

3. Plan to Visit Often

Connection to others is important, and your loved one may not be able to get out and about anymore; therefore, be sure to schedule regular time for visiting. Stop by with dinner or just drop in for a quick chat.

During this time, assess mental acuity and physical needs, noting to change or shift anything that may not be working.

4. Make Physical Adjustments to the Home

One of the hardest parts about being frail and staying home is that the environment may no longer be best. Stairs pose a major obstacle for those with dizziness or brittle bones. Showers may be hard to enter or stand.

Work with professional contractors to install safety measures that permit ease of use. Add rails to the shower and toilet area. Stairlifts could make going up and down between stories. Also, add ramps to enter the house, especially if wheelchair use is needed.

There are ways to potentially keep family home during their elderly or sick years. Consider easing needs and improving the home’s physical state.

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