Why Choose Cotton Clothing?

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Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world, suitable for many different types of clothing. But what is it that makes it so useful? Let’s explore the reasons behind cotton’s enduring popularity in the clothing market.

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Allergy Control

Many of us suffer from allergies, and sensitivity to some fabrics can make choosing clothing difficult. Cotton clothes rarely trigger adverse reactions because cotton is hypoallergenic, and therefore a good option for those who struggle with other fabrics. It will not irritate your skin, and is soft enough even for baby clothes to be made from it.


Cotton is a soft fibre, so clothes made from cotton fabric are often very comfortable. It stretches easily to allow for movement, and doesn’t feel too restrictive when worn. It is also light enough to keep you warm without feeling smothered by too much material.


Breathable fabrics that hold moisture away from the body are always popular choices when making clothes, and cotton is an ideal example. It prevents moisture from collecting between your clothing and your skin, absorbing any liquid up to a fifth of its own weight before becoming noticeably damp.

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Temperature Control

It’s important to dress according to the weather outside, and cotton allows us to get it right – most of the time! Cotton clothing protects against heat by trapping air between its fibres, providing insulation. It performs the same job in winter, shielding the wearer from the cold by creating trapped air that is warmed by the wearer’s body, increasing their temperature to a more comfortable level.


Cotton is often used for children’s clothes, and for good reason. It is extremely durable, able to stand up to rough treatment and less likely than other fabrics to tear. Cottons suitable for children’s clothes are widely available online from fabric websites such as https://www.higgsandhiggs.com/fabrics/plain-cotton-fabric.html.


Cotton can be manufactured in such a way as to make it water resistant, making it ideal for weatherproof clothing. Still maintaining characteristics of being both breathable and comfortable, cotton is a good choice for those looking for clothing that is both functional and snug.

Cotton clothing is a popular choice around the world, for good reason. Able to keep the wearer both warm and cool, dry and comfortable, cotton clothing is sure to maintain its popularity well into the future.

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