Five great survival holidays for thrill-seekers

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Bored of the same old holidays and fancy a change? Does sitting on the beach fill you with dread? Are you looking for a “catch your own” dining experience? How about a holiday that leaves you to rely on your own wits to survive? Here is a list of adrenalin-filled survival holidays.

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Intrepid Expeditions in Sweden

If you’re not fond of the heat, try a holiday in Sweden. You will begin your holiday in a log cabin learning survival skills before crossing the wilderness using your skills to build shelters and dig snow holes. Modes of transport include dogsledding and cross-country skiing. If you make it to the end of the adventure, you can look forward to a traditional sauna.

Bushmasters in Guyana

How about spending two weeks travelling in the Amazonian bush? Your first week will involve learning the necessary survival skills needed to survive your second week, so make sure you pay attention! You will be lighting your own fires, sourcing drinking water and catching piranhas for tea. Other destinations are available. Travel experts have recommended the experience for SAS wannabees.

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Woodsmoke in Namibia

You will walk with bushmen through this dry desert landscape. It is very hot, so you might wish to carry your sunscreen in a suitable bag such as the Vanquest 3.0. You will learn how to track and trap small animals and source your own drinking water. If you wish to stay closer to home, you can choose a destination in the UK.

Woodlore in the UK

If you fancy a family survival trip, Woodlore, which was founded by Ray Mears, is closer to home. You can choose an introductory course or go for something a little dangerous. Learn practical skills for surviving the great British outdoors. Be prepared for your adventure by choosing the appropriate kit such as Courses range from two days to two weeks.

Docastaway Experiences

If you fancy being marooned on a desert island, this is the adventure for you. The islands have been chosen for being remote and unspoilt. You can choose how isolated you wish to be by selecting adventure or comfort. It is perfect for those who still wish to have a few comforts as accommodation will be provided for you. This is a beach holiday with a difference.

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