How sports can aid in team building

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One way in which a workplace team can work better is by taking part in team building events. Some of the best team building events are ones that involve sport, and here we look at how sport can be used effectively to build a stronger team of people.

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According to Personnel Today, using sporting events for corporate team building is good for engaging employees, staff wellbeing and retention. Companies have begun to recognise that the health and wellbeing of their staff is important and that this in turn has business benefits by creating teams that are mentally and physically up to the job.

Physical benefits of sport

One way in which employees can bond as a team while enjoying sport is to undertake some sort of charity fundraising. This kind of social responsibility is part of most corporate HR strategies, as it is a great way for teams to bond through a shared goal. Raising money for charity is always worthwhile; if you and your fellow employees can get fit while doing so, even better. Running, cycling, walking and swimming for a good cause are all great ways to build up a good team bond as you get involved in the training, raising money and, of course, the event itself.

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Other benefits of using sport

There are other benefits to using sport for team building. Taking part in a sporting activity that involves being away from the office is a great way for a team to enjoy itself. If you use a UK central location, such as Leicester team building corporate events that involve leaving the office for activities such as paintballing, rock climbing and ‘extreme’ cycle rides, these are all great ways for employees to build up their trust of one another and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

The benefit to the employer is that the team should be engaged, motivated and more productive on its return. It can also be useful for employers to see what their employees are like outside the office. Using companies such as can help to source the right activity for your company.

Whether you work in HR and are responsible for organising team building or work in a team that you think could benefit from some team building, sport could be just what you need.

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