Many parents worry about their children being active enough. With these five tips, you might find it easier to make sure your children are getting all the exercise they need.

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Get outside

There are many opportunities for active play in the great outdoors. You could encourage your child to build a den for you to use for ‘top secret’ meetings, or a treehouse in a suitable location. Many children enjoy the challenge of climbing small trees, while properly supervised – see if you and your child can reach a certain branch, and have a competition to see who can climb the fastest.

Do the school run

There’s a great opportunity for squeezing in some extra exercise that a lot of parents miss out on – the school run. Try walking your children to school, or encourage them to cycle if that is an option. Riding a bike has many health benefits, according to the NHS, including boosting cardiovascular fitness. Not only does leaving the car at home help in getting your children to be more active, it helps the environment too.

Walk the dog

Walking a dog is a fantastic way of encouraging your child to be more active. Many children like animals, and the prospect of spending time with a furry friend is often appealing. Families without one of their own could consider asking a friend or neighbour if their dog could do with an outing, a favour many owners would appreciate.

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Take the challenge

Try doing something active with your child that will benefit more than just your family. Many charities run fundraising events that you could get involved with, such as fun runs or football matches. Football training kits for charity matches can be sourced from places such as, and children can make their own fun run costumes, adding to the excitement. Knowing any money raised is going to a good cause could help your child really get involved.

Travel in style

Fun ways of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’ can really encourage children to get up and about. Introducing scooters, rollerblades and skateboards can help make being active much more fun than just walking, and can often mean journeys on foot take half the time they might take normally, which is a clear benefit for everyone.