Why people flock to the Caribbean

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The Caribbean is simply the perfect vacation destination for everyone. Whether you are interested in experiencing stunning landscapes, tropical rainforests or a few rounds of golf on a pristine course. Maybe your ultimate vacation involves sunning yourself on a beach with some water sports thrown in, you can be sure you’ll find your perfect trip in the Caribbean.

The crystal-clear waters, endless sunshine and rum-based cocktails attract many vacationers each year. But there is plenty more on offer too, including great local food, cultural history museums, island hopping and the incredibly diverse natural habitats and animals. Here are some top reasons why the Caribbean remains a top vacation destination:


Throughout history there have been so many different influences on Caribbean culture, as a result of its largely colonial past. You’ll find influences from British, African, Indian and Chinese cultures. Many vacationers enjoy the laid-back way of life that can be found throughout the Caribbean. Each island also has its own unique traits for you to become immersed in. No two islands are the same and each one has its very own unique personality which makes visiting this area so much fun. For The best cheap Caribbean Vacations, visit http://lostwaldo.com/the-best-cheap-caribbean-vacations/


You can’t think of the Caribbean without thinking of the gorgeous hot weather. With lows of around 70°F and highs of 86°F, the Caribbean weather is perfect for lying under a palm tree being gently caressed by a warm sea breeze. The best weather is experienced between December and April.

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Island Hopping & Diversity

To experience as much of the Caribbean as possible, island hopping is very popular. Many seasoned visitors base themselves on a single island and journey either by boat or plane to other nearby islands for short trips. There aren’t many destinations that can offer such a wide variety of places to visit. Amazingly, there are over 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, which gives you a wide range of things to see, do and experience. Many are close enough for you to island hop so that you can experience plenty during a single trip.

Exploration & Adventure

You get a feeling of real achievement when visiting the Caribbean as you can discover so much. Most of the islands are small enough to explore on foot, with Barbados standing at only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. There are plenty of other small islands to discover too, including Aruba, which can be easily explored in a relatively short space of time. You can be sure of seeing some impressive sights too as the region boasts 19 UNESCO World Heritage Sites!


If nature is your passion then you’ll be more than happy in the Caribbean. There is a fantastic array of spectacular birds, mammals, marine life and insects within the Caribbean.
Go snorkelling to see stingrays and turtles or spot dolphins and whales jumping up above the waves on organised boat trips. Have fun spotting capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys and many more, who can be found hanging around the lush tropical forests.

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Food & Drink

Caribbean food and drink is now enjoyed right around the world but nothing compares to the real thing. Favorites include jerk chicken, lechón asado from Puerto Rico and goat stew from Aruba and the Cayman Islands and should all be sampled. As you can imagine, the seafood is some of the best and freshest in the world. Try the flying fish or grouper while in Barbados, which are typically served up in a stew or grilled on a beach barbecue. Plus, you can’t visit the Caribbean without sampling the rum. And each island has its own unique take on the classic spirit.

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