The 10 Rare Foods in the World

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Gastronomy is one of the greatest pleasures of life, but sometimes it can get complicated a bit, especially when you are traveling and you know firsthand different cultures. Eye to shout to the four winds: “I have a hunger that would eat me whatever”, because you could repent … The world is full of dishes and rare foods. If sushi is the most daring thing you’ve ever tasted, expect to see those delicatessen …

Fried Tarantula (Cambodia)

We started strong. The one that for many represents one of the most repulsive and chilling animals in the world, others consider it a true gastronomic delight. They say that the taste is very pleasant and that the special touch is given by the 8 hairy legs. Brrr! With how rich the Cambodian amok is …

Muktuk (Greenland)

If you get hungry in Greenland you may be offered one of the dishes most loved by the Inuit: a good muktuk snack (skin and whale fat). Apparently it’s a plate full of protein, vitamins and very healthy. It is usually eaten raw and who has tried it ensures that it is a delicacy.

Balut (Philippines)

They look like simple hard-boiled eggs but nothing to see … Balut is a fertilized and cooked egg that hides a creepy surprise in its shell: an 18-day embryo with a beak and bones. Although Filipinos love it, we did not have the courage to try it.

Casu Marzu (Italy)

If there is a gastronomy that we never tired of enjoying is the Italian, although there are exceptions. This is the case of this typical Sardinian cheese. March casu is a super creamy sheep’s milk cheese, which is characterized as being the preferred habitat of fly larvae.  Buon appetito!

Cuy (Peru)

Typical of Peru , the cuy (guinea pig) is one of the richest and most beloved country specialties. Although at first it can impress, let’s not forget that in Spain … we eat rabbit!

Shirako (Japan)

Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest, most balanced and richest in the world, although rare dishes are not lacking either. This is the case of shirako, glands filled with fish sperm. The taste is exquisite and many compare it to caviar.

Seahorse (China)

In a country known for eating ‘everything that flies, walks or nothing’ it is not difficult to run into rare and curious dishes. What might have surprised us most was seeing some fried seahorse pinchos (which, as anecdote, were close to fried starfish, scorpions, grilled snakes and worms)

Worms (Mexico)

Maguey worms, fried in butter, have the reputation of being a gastronomic delight. Although we are more of tacos and quesadillas … never say never!

Hormigas culonas (Colombia)

The ants culonas are characterized by having cabezota, thin body and an extraordinarily swollen buttock. Come on, it’s the Niki Minaj of the ants! They eat fries and apparently have a peanut-like taste … do you dare?

Kopi Luwak (Indonesia)

Any good food has to end with a rich coffee, right? Well, not to leave the subject we propose a cup of kopi luwak, the richest and most expensive coffee in the world, which is prepared with … coffee beans that are among the feces of the Asian palm civet! Do not even think about rejecting a cup of this coffee: it is so rich and pleasant that it costs about $400/ kg.

Have you tried any of these delicacies? Which one do you prefer?

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