Famous Entrepreneurs Who Started With Little Budget

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We are going to tell you the stories of 6 entrepreneurs who came to the top. But they all have something in common beyond being rich and successful businesses, all started with a budget of almost zero and then set up their own empires, some, and other companies that are already icons of society, that will last with The passage of the years. There go our review entrepreneurs most influential in history starting almost no budget.

Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad: this old Swede is the founder of the furniture company IKEA. Ingvar founded his first company with only 17 years with the money of a gift from his father for being a good student. The name of IKEA comes from the union of their initials, the farm where they lived and the name of their village. Ingvar began with little budget selling matches to farmers, continued to sell fish, to pens and pencils etc … until five years later began selling its first armchairs. A couple of years later, he produced his first catalog of furniture, such was the success obtained that the rest of furniture vendors went to the manufacturers to stop working for him. From there, Ingvar began to manufacture and design his own furniture with a huge success, opening borders and getting to where they are today.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford : this American a rural area north of Detroit was the oldest of five siblings. He grew up in a Henry For poor family. As a teenager Henry’s father gave him a wristwatch when the boy was already 15 years old, he was famous in the neighborhood for fixing the clocks of the town’s neighbors. In the year 1879 leaves the farm of its parents. Shortly after the death of his mother, he moved to Detroit to work   as an apprentice machinist , but two years later returned to the farm and started driving a steam engine Westinghouse until becoming an expert in handling, which gave him a Job post at Westinghouse. He was later hired as an engineer by Edison. At the time, he was promoted to chief engineer. He began experimenting with gasoline engines, but the company wanted to sell vehicles prototyping and Henry resigned to start his own project, the Ford Motor Company on 16 June 1903 with a budget of $ 28000. That was when he began to exploit its potential and when they started out the models that gave fame to the brand as the ” Ford T “. From then on the history of Ford and its upward trajectory come to this day.

Phil Knight

Phil Knight: NIKE creator was born in Portland and always wanted to be an elite athlete, but his skills did not give him. For that reason, when I entered the University of Oregon where he studied business, he was the university’s sports reporter. As had no success being an athlete, Phil in 1964 founded “Blue Ribbon Sports” brand of sneakers that seven years later change his name, is now called NIKE. The company was on the rise until the mid-80s suffered a significant drop next to one of its competitors, “Reebok” but NIKE exceeded that big bump hiring as an image to a stranger, a man named Michael Jordan, who made the Brand rises as foam in both sports use and casual wear. Knight used to great athletes to advertise your brand, if that will also join the success of its slogan “Just do it” (just do it) can say that NIKE is now the most important sports brand there.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Larry Page and Sergey Brin: These two people invented something that is now almost essential for our day today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the creators of Google. They met at Stanford University while taking a doctorate in computer science, and they began a friendship that led them to live in a shared room, where they began to develop a search engine that was a success at Stanford. Soon, they stopped their studies and a garage with very little budget to develop well the search which was released in 1998 rented. A few years later it was already a huge success.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg: born in 1984 in a county of New York is the founder of the most important social network ” Facebook “. With just 18 years together with several friends, Synapse Media Player, a song playing program that was based on the tastes of users, Microsoft and Apple were interested in acquiring it, but no agreement was reached. Zuckerberg uploaded the program to the internet so that it could be downloaded for free. He later joined Harvard, where he began working on a college-only social networking project so that students could share lists with each other. In 2004, Zuckerberg launched Facebook and a year later left the race to devote himself to the social network. Now is estimated to have a fortune of 36.3 billion dollars (to start without a budget in the room of a fraternity Harvard is not bad).

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: Born in 1955 in San Francisco, a child who was given up for adoption by his biological parents. He grew up in Palo Alto, California. When he was little and he was interested in gadgets, by that time saw his first computer in Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club and there he was taken by computer. And secondary Hewlett-Packard offered to do a summer internship where then would be hired. It was there that he met  Steve Wozniak. A couple of years after leaving college, he was hired by Atari as a technician, where he helped create the game Break Out. In 1976 along with Steve Wozniak, who was interested in creating a home computer, they joined with a project, left Atari and Hewlett-Packard and founded Apple Computer with hardly any budget and can take off a sale of 100 computers to a small Electronics store in Palo Alto. After ten years Apple already had more than 4000 employees, and Jobs at 27 was the richest young man in the world. But in 1985 he left the company he had created, due to differences with his executive director, and also some project that did not exceed expectations. In 1986 purchase The Graphic Group, which later became known as PIXAR. In 1988 the company created NeXT Computer, which in 1996 is acquired after Apple for $ 400 million, and this is how Steve Jobs returned to be part of Apple, which was then not going through a good time. In 1997, he was named the chief executive officer of Apple and from there, Apple was where he was thanks to Jobs and the release of the iPod, iTunes, iPhones, iPads and other elements that positioned his brand at the top.

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The same day that he decided to step back into the company, the value of Apple shares fell five points.

Jobs died from pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011. In 2012 he was named posthumously as the best entrepreneur in history.

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