What to think of when having an extension built

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There are many reasons that people may look to Building Companies like www.piggottandwhitfield.co.uk/ to have an extension built on their existing home, but there are a common set of considerations that any homeowner should think about.

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Firstly, you will need to consider the size of the space that you are looking for, as well as its location. It is important that you think about the angle that the sun comes into your garden space to ensure that your extension makes the most of the natural light available. You will also need to think about the numbers and types of windows and doors that you want to have in the extension.

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When you work with a professional building company they will help you with any planning permission requirements that might be needed. You should be prepared to tweak your designs if necessary, to qualify with any planning regulations in your area.

Once your extension has been built you can think about what kind of flooring you need, such as underfloor heating to help keep this space warm in the winter. You can now think about how you want to decorate this space and any furniture and soft furnishings that you might need. Again it is important to think about how much light comes into this space before you choose the colours for the walls.

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