What is a Mobility Aid?

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There are many types of mobility aids, including wheelchairs, crutches and grab rails and each is used by different people in different situations. Some are short-term devices, while others are used for longer periods of time. A walking assistance device is useful for individuals with limited mobility, whereas some will need continual use of a wheelchair, for example.

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There are different types of mobility aids for different needs. Some are specialised to help individuals walk without assistance, while others are designed to help those with grabbing or picking up things. A balance device, for example, can help a person who is at risk of falling and make them feel more secure when moving around. Other devices are part of a comprehensive plan to improve independence. Patients can also undergo specific exercises and activities to improve their balance. Generally, walking aids are intended to make it easier to walk and maintain balance. For more details on what Mobility Aids are available, visit a site like https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/

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All such aids can help those who are recovering from an injury to walk, for example, whether it’s a temporary aid or one that will be required for a longer period. Depending on the type of mobility aid, the person may be reluctant to use it or may be uncomfortable with it. However, frequent falls are also a common sign of mobility impairment. If a person has a medical condition, mobility assistance can help them regain their independence.


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