Be Aware of Packaging on Online Orders This Christmas

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With Christmas around the corner, more and more of us will be going online to do our Christmas shopping. This of course means many different items being delivered all with packaging to keep them safe when they are in transit. Something that we all need to consider is how we can reuse and recycle this packaging to stop it from going to landfill and polluting the planet.

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There are places that can recycle a wide range of packaging materials. Look out for places like this polystyrene recycling company who will be able to take your packaging and get it transformed into something else which can be used again.

Something else that you can do is research where you are buying goods from and check their policy on the packaging that they use. Order from companies who only use recyclable packaging and keep packaging to a minimum, as this is much better for the environment. There has been a huge rise in consumers opting to order from companies who put the planet first.

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You can also reuse packaging materials yourself. Cardboard can be composted for example, and polystyrene is great used in the bottom of plant pots as it increases drainage and also means that you don’t need to fill the pot with as much compost, so it can also help you to save money too! There are lots of creative ideas online for how you can use packaging materials around your home.

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