The History of the Dobermann Family

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Dobermann appeared relatively recently, only in the late 19th century. The homeland of this breed is Germany. The name of these stately dogs received in honor of its creator, tax collector – Friedrich Luis Dobermann. Often Friedrich Louis was attacked by taxpayers.

It was professional duties that pushed this passionate dog lover to the idea of breeding an absolute new breed that could become an excellent bodyguard and a guard.

Dobermann is the perfect dog

In the town of Apolda, in Germany, in 1870 Friedrich purchased two puppies of the Pinscher breed. His choice fell on these four-legged because of their courage and temperament. The fruit of the love of these two dogs was a black-and-red bitch named Bismarck, with whom the Dobermann selection experiment began.The history of the Dobermann family

He made a large number of crosses with different breeds. Unfortunately, there were no records of the work done, so it is not for sure what species were mixed when breeding Dobermannns.

Presumably were used:

  • Mesgerhund (ancestor of the Rottweiler or a butcher’s dog).
  • Belgian Shepherd.
  • Stochelfster (now extinct breed).
  • Thuringian Shepherd (ancestor of the German Shepherd).
  • The Weimar Pig.

Further, his followers to the resulting breed were mixed Manchester Terrier and Greyhound. The participation of these representatives of the barking family in the creation of the Dobermann is documented.The history of the Dobermann family

Initially, the breed was called the Thuringian Pinscher. But, after the death of Frederick Dobermann in 1894, his offspring received his name – Dobermann Pinscher.

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The popularization of the Dobermann breed

The first breeder of Dobermann pinschers is considered to be Otto Geller. It was he who created the Dobermann genealogical book. Otto achieved in 1897 that the Dobermann Pinscher be presented at the official show in Erfurt.

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Recognition of these dogs was given a year later. And in 1899 in August the first club of breeders of these animals under the direction of Geller – “Dobermann Pinscher of Apolda” was founded and in a few months, the club became national German.

In 1949, the name Dobermann Pinscher was replaced by the Dobermann.The history of the Dobermann family

Interesting facts about Dobermanns

  • Dobermanns are the only dogs in the world who are honored to carry the name of their creator.
  • During the Second World War, the Dobermanns were official service dogs of the US Army Marine Corps. It was for this service that they received the title “Semper Fidelis”, which in English means – Always true.
  • On the island of Guam, a monument was erected in honor of war-dead dogs of this breed. 25 names of dogs appear on the monument.
  • In the Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s best bloodhound is recorded dog Sauer, who could track the attackers for 160 km for the smell.


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