Sleep, Key to Dog’s Health

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Although concern for the welfare of our dogs has always been a transcendental issue for any owner, trends show that it has been in recent years when there has been a clear awareness of the importance of good rest of dogs.

Far from being a luxury object, beds, for dogs, are a necessity just as they are for us. Obviously, our dogs can sleep on the floor or in our own beds or sofas, and they do it without complaining. However, our dog will undoubtedly appreciate having a bed for himself.Sleep, Key to Dogs Health

There are many benefits to both your health and your owners:

  • Provide the dog with a sense of security. It is important to find a cozy space for the dog and keep it in the same situation so you always know it is your own corner. It is worth remembering that the ancestors of the dogs were wild and territorial, so they appreciate a place that they can claim as their own.
  • Comfort and comfort. Given the opportunity to sleep on the floor or in a soft bed, most of our pets would choose to have a bed that would dampen it and isolates it from the unpleasant floor.
  • Protect your home and family. If your dog has its own bed, you will get the hairs and the dirt it generates, stay away from your furniture or your bed. An especially important factor if a family member is allergic.
  • Dogs sleep about 12 hours a day, which means that they spend half their lives at rest. Obviously having a place where to do it comfortably marks the difference in the development of the body and the character of the animal. Sleeping in a bed gives the body the possibility to recover and rejuvenate more easily, and, to the mind, to dream and rest.

A standard dog bed should be slightly raised above the floor, should provide some warmth and shelter, and should allow the animal to support its joints. For older dogs, there are orthopedic beds, specially designed to combat hip problems or joint pains. They are also highly recommended for dogs that have recently undergone surgery.

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Choosing the best bed for our dog is extremely important. We must take into account the dog’s general proportions, which vary according to race, and the premise we must start from is to try to mimic its natural habitat, thus achieving maximum comfort.

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