Four Careers for Someone with an MBA Degree

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Choosing from the best MBA programs in Texas and earning this degree can open the doors to many career opportunities. This advanced degree can prepare you for a career in finance, marketing and business. It can even help individuals who want to open their own business. Look at four examples of careers you can pursue with an MBA degree on your resume.

Financial Manager

A financial manager is in charge of the investments made by a company. Also, this professional creates financial goals for a company and comes up with a detailed plan on how to achieve those goals. A successful financial manager gets a company to the point where it can cover all of its expenses and turn a hefty profit.

Hospital Administrator

A hospital administrator keeps track of a hospital’s budget and makes cuts where necessary for the good of the facility and its patients. Also, this professional oversees the quality of care provided by a hospital. If the hospital needs more funds for a particular department or perhaps for a new piece of diagnostic equipment, the hospital administrator must determine where those funds will come from. Though this healthcare career doesn’t require direct contact with patients, it is essential for keeping a hospital running efficiently.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for stirring up interest in the new products or services offered by a company. A marketing manager is usually in charge of others working within marketing department of a company. This position is found in small, independent companies as well as in large corporations with many employees. Someone who wants to look further into earning an MBA degree may want to check out a reputable school such as Texas A&M University-Commerce.

A Nonprofit Director

This professional is responsible for getting funds for a non-profit organization. Also, he or she is in charge of balancing the budget and using the non-profit organization’s funds in a productive way. In addition, this person oversees the employees working for the non-profit as well as hiring new ones if needed.

Lastly, the above examples are just a sampling of careers open to someone with an MBA. One of the most appealing things about earning this degree is it can help a working professional rise to new levels in their chosen field.

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