A difficult face painting task

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We like to think that in Great Britain we’ve got a pretty cool flag. It’s a mix of three; the Cross of St George for England and Wales, The saltire Cross of St Andrew for Scotland and the red saltire of St Patrick of Northern Ireland. One of its advantages is that is very easy to paint that onto the side of the face or even all over it. Imagine the then fun of a country that has more than three or even has a complicate design on the side. With some of types were about to see you’d need an art degree just to get close to it. Some people who are experienced on taking big tasks are the web designers in Reading at http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/. They’d get that face painted or rather your web site done no issues.

Imagine if you’re a kid in Mozambique for example. Your excited about a sporting event that your teams got to and you’d like your face painted. What fun it will be when you must stick an AK-47 assault rifle and Hoe on your face along with the good old Red, Taupe, Black and Yellow. People will think that you’re supporting a gangsta rap band except the Hoe in this sense is a garden tool not what you were thinking! Don’t like that boring old square flag? Why not support Nepal! They have 2 right angle triangles with a 12-pointed white star and half star with what looks like a smiley face.  If you’re into smiley faces spare a thought for the inhabitants of the short lived North Caucasian Emirate. That really was a smiley face

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Remember that Barry Manilow song Bermuda Triangle? No? Well the area is known for ships and planes disappearing in the region for no apparent reason. Funny then that they should celebrate that fact be featuring a picture of a ship crashing being held up by an unapologetic red lion. Cyprus have decided that the easiest thing to do would be to just feature the island nation on the flag itself. So not only does the fan with it on aid the worlds knowledge of Geography but it should also make life easy to return them if they get lost. However, if you really want to put your artistic skills to the test then spare a thought for the people of Belize.

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Whilst they haven’t actually made it to a Football world cup yet should they do so the Mums and Dads will be very hard put to it to paint this in any great detail on their kids faces. It has people, tools a sailing ship, again!  Not to mention a green tree. It even has some Latin text to put in there. I think I’ll just stick to the Red and blue thanks.

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