Education in Canada is the Way to New Knowledge and New Life

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Higher education in Canada

Canada unfairly by passed by our compatriots in the selection of schools, colleges or universities for study abroad. But in many respects, and the criteria is equal to or even superior to many of the popular countries such as Britain and America. Canada is a clean country, there are a lot of parks, green areas, lower theft rate, hooligan attacks and accidents. Many universities are very popular with the world, one of them can be safely counted among the University of Toronto, Waterloo, Alberta and others.

Higher education in Canada has unmatched quality of teaching, the use of innovative programs and the promotion of employment. Today higher education in Canada is one of the ways to emigrate to this country. After graduating foreigner can legally work and live in the country.

learning system in Canada

Education in universities in Canada has a three-tier system:

  • The first stage lasts for three years, at the end get a bachelor’s degree,
  • The second stage – a master’s degree, with a duration of one to two years,
  • The third stage -doctorate, training lasts 4 years.

One of the most frequently asked questions How much does education in Canada? Much cheaper than in the UK and the US. The price ranges from 8,000 to 25,000 Canadian dollars per year. All depends on the province, the university and the profession. It should be noted that Canada provides scholarships and grants to foreign students. From the first day, students can work.

Studying in Canada not only provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge and is highly regarded throughout the world, but also provides the ability to post to become a citizen of the country.

Immigration to Canada through teaching collects more and more popular because of its simplicity and convenience. So, after graduation, foreign students granted the right to stay in Canada and work for 3 years. After a year of working legally can apply for a permanent residence permit, and after becoming a Canadian citizen. It is also one of the few countries, which provides an opportunity to move there with his family.

A bit of Secondary Education in Canada

The duration of study in schools of up to 12 years, and only in Ontario and Quebec French-speaking children learn 13 years. The program is training in Canada is carried out in both English and French. The Government pays special attention to the education of children in Canada takes place at the highest level. So some schools arrange ski lessons in the winter, which in other countries is available students from very prestigious colleges. Canada is the most advanced among the countries of the Group of Eight on the amount of funding to study how their and foreign nationals. Schooling in Canada is mainly a joint, just some private schools offer separate education, such as a boarding school for girls Balm oral Hall School.

Start school from 5-6 years. 7th grade is considered to be an elementary school, from 7 to 12 – secondary education. Foreigners take 12 years. Children from other countries can learn from both the public and private schools. Education in the state free of charge only for the citizens of Canada. In both cases, the child is under the watchful supervision of the Board of Trustees (the family where the children live), or specialists in boarding at private colleges.

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How to start education in Canada?

Each of us has his own way to obtain a prestigious education. Education in Canada can start at any age. Parents can send their child to a language course in Canada or in the high school. Teens can already make an informed choice, and to go to university in Canada. People having a degree can go through graduate programs in Canada. Options today to get an education in this wonderful country is really a lot. The main thing – is to have the desire and choose the right program. If the desire is already there, leave to study for and we will help you with the selection of the best programs of the season!

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