How to make your home garage secure

We sometimes forget that garages are often the weakest link when it comes to home security. Thieves will very quickly find a way in if it’s not properly secure, so check out the tips below to make your home burglar-proof.


Many who have a remote-controlled garage door keep the remote somewhere in their car, often in the visor where thieves can easily spot it. To prevent a car break-in followed by a garage burglary, keep the key fob on your car key chain. This way, you’ll have it with you each time you leave your car. To find a key chain remote online, type in “remote” followed by the make of your door opener.

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We all get a little forgetful every now and then, and forgetting to shut or lock the door is easy to do. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that most of the time, burglaries happen when an opportunist thief finds an open or unlocked door and simply cannot resist the temptation.

If you have garage shelving like that from

packed with valuable tools and other items, this is definitely not a good thing. Adding a sensor to your garage door will help ensure this never happens to you.

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Top-of-the-range garage door openers come with many additional security features that are well worth the extra cost, such as a monitor to let you know if the door is not poorly closed, a self-closing system to rule out forgetting to shut the door in the first place, and lighting controls that will work to switch lights on or off both inside and out of the home when you use the opener or independently. Finally, a smartphone connection is useful so you know that door is safety shut and locked at the touch of a button wherever you are.

Overhead Door Lock

You can unplug the door opener for extra security when you are due to be away from the house for any length of time. While this is brilliant idea and works well, it is even better to add a physical lock into the equation. Using a padlock to prevent fishing will provide a top level of security and is an especially good idea if your garage is attached to your house.

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