Favourite fruit choice of Great Britain.

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There was as seismic change in the world of fruit sales in the UK last year as the king of fruit for many years, apples, was finally ousted from its number one spot by the humble grape. What this means going forward for the apple industry is not yet clear, but it does highlight the need to keep fruit fresher for longer. One way that can be achieved is through preparing the fruit into items such as squashes, sorbets and jams. There are many ways in which this can be done and many companies that have made successful business out of providing fruit-based products. Post Mix Juices for examples are supplied by https://empireuk.com/post-mix-products/post-mix-juices/ to the restaurant and pub trade.

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But what brought about this change in buying habits? Apples have traditionally been the fruit of choice and a British staple for centuries. Quite simply it is a question convenience. Where once the humble apple was a quick pick food of choice, requiring little more than a wash under a tap, the grape needed to be deseeded and generally messed about with plus it could only be bought as a bunch so hardly easily to transport.  Modern techniques have brought us the seedless grape and their inclusion in snack pack selections or as a standalone option mean they have raced to the top of the leader board. What else is in the list?

Apples still remain the second most popular choice. This is still no real surprise as there is so much choice available to the consumer. Be it the French Golden Delicious, the English Cox or the much loved Braeburn there is a certainly one for everybody. Apples are also available to have in a snack pack but it one of the reasons behind its downfall is that it quickly goes brown and mushy after it is sliced despite when its placed in preservatives such as lemon juice and/or frozen.

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Up next is the Cavendish banana. Bananas offer a rich source of potassium and are a great natural energy boost provider. It’s good for your heart and it can help with digestion as it is full of fibre. We seem to have got the message about the health benefits of the banana as we are consuming more of them every year, nearly 5 billion at one count.

Next is the orange. With still love this juicy citrus friend even though were starting to prefer the more easily peeler variety such the clementine and the mandarin over the big orange. After that we have the Kiwi. As this provides more vitamin C than the orange its gained some popularity also due to its fun and zesty nature.

So, what is your favourite.

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