Women's T-shirt. How to choose the right one.

T-shirt appeared in the women’s wardrobe relatively recently, it came to us from the Americans since the Great Patriotic War. She wore military uniforms, and she was considered to be underwear – these T-shirts were only 2 colors of white and black. Over time, the T-shirt moved from the men’s wardrobe to the female wardrobe, changed frequently its style and appearance until it reached our time and did not get the look that we used to see. Women’s T-shirt has become a very popular and convenient subject of women’s wardrobe; it can be attributed to informal clothes.

Modern women’s t-shirt is multifunctional; it has a variety of models, styles, colors and from different types of fabrics. Now a women’s T-shirt is very easy to choose for any occasion or sport because a T-shirt can be attributed to multifunctional things. Correctly selected women’s T-shirt can adjust the figure, hide flaws and focus on its merits. Women’s T-shirt is very comfortable and practical, it can be combined with any items of the women’s wardrobe, and the main thing is that the women’s t-shirt would match the general style and occasion. A modern women’s T-shirt can be chosen for everyday wear, as well as for an evening out, as well as for sports. Now it is easy to choose a female T-shirt of a certain color, the color palette is very wide.Women's T-shirt. How to choose the right one.

What are women’s t-shirts?

All T-shirts have their own fashion features, they can have different neckline, for example: V-shaped or round, different sleeve length: long, three-quarters, short and sleeveless, the length of the shirt can also be different: short, medium length or elongated. So, for example, a women’s T-shirt in the style of “casual” is suitable for shopping or walking, and it’s easy to transform T-shirts of this style into a T-shirt in a business style by combining with other items of the women’s wardrobe, for example: with a jacket, jacket or cardigan. Women’s black T-shirt can be advantageously combined with trouser suits of light tones, adding some jewelry in the form of a brooch can get an elegant image. The neckline of a black T-shirt can be V-shaped or under the throat.

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Women’s T-shirts of all light colors with print very well combined with a pencil skirt and jacket, but if such a t-shirt is combined with jeans and a cardigan of large mating, we will get the suitable option for work or an evening walk. An excellent summer version will be a T-shirt with a long sleeve or short, and in combination with classic pants and added costume jewelry, you can create a business image. Sports women’s t-shirts have a standard cut, the collar can be V-shaped, round, have an average length, the sleeve length is short. Sports T-shirts can be of different colors and combined, they are favorably combined with narrow jeans or leggings. Also, there are evening t-shirts, which can compete with full confidence with evening dresses. These T-shirts are usually light or dark colors, have beautiful ornaments in the form of beads, pearls, sequins, rhinestones. These T-shirts can be boldly combined with both classic trousers and skirts.Women's T-shirt. How to choose the right one.

Women’s T-Shirt by type of figure.

Choosing a female T-shirt you need to try it on before buying, in order to objectively evaluate how it sits on a figure, you have to stand in front of a full-length mirror. Also choosing a women’s T-shirt, one must take into account all the features of a female figure, and in accordance with the appropriate model of a T-shirt. The designers distinguish four basic types of figures:

  • Hourglass.
  • Inverted triangle.
  • Rectangular.
  • Pear.

Women's T-shirt. How to choose the right one.Hourglasses are considered to be an ideal figure; for this type of figure, you can safely choose any style and color of the T-shirt. It is advantageous to emphasize the beautiful waste of a t-shirt of a fitted cut with a neckline in the form of a “boat”.

An inverted triangle is considered a figure that has broad shoulders and narrow hips. In this case, the task is to visually reduce the width of the shoulders and help in this T-shirt made from fabrics with a vertical print, the style of the T-shirt should be chosen more feminine.

Rectangular type of the figure will be suitable women’s T-shirts free cut, (not to be confused with a wide cut) that will hide the flaws of the figure, the cutout can be round, the length of the T-shirt is elongated. If you add a beautiful jewelry in the form of beads, it will distract attention from the shortcomings of the figure.

Pear, this type of figure has narrow shoulders and lush hips, in this case, all T-shirts with flounces, frills, etc. are located at the top of the T-shirt, which visually adds volume to the narrow shoulders and distracts attention from the lush hips.

Women's T-shirt. How to choose the right one.The fabric of women’s t-shirts.

Modern manufacturers do not stand still and produce various fabrics for women’s T-shirts. These fabrics are usually made of cotton fiber, linen, silk, knitwear, viscose, polyester.

The most environmentally friendly material for women’s T-shirts has always been and will be natural fabrics. They have a number of advantages such as they do not cause irritation on the skin, they are pleasant to the body, they do not cause any special trouble to care for them, they do not lose shape for a long time.

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On the row, with natural fabrics do not lose their popularity women’s T-shirts made of synthetic fabrics, which also have a number of advantages such as they are practical and durable, ideally keep warmth and moisture. In such T-shirts, it is comfortable to go in for sports. Women’s T-shirts made of synthetic fabrics do not shed, and for a long time, they keep their shape.